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BuildMySOP helps your team prepare easily and efficiently with our ready-made cannabis or hemp Standard Operating Procedures to execute consistent employee training.

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Non-compliance can lead to fines up to $400K. Don't risk your license. Download our free cannabis compliance audit checklist and track everything regulators look at.

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A turn-key solution to keep your business compliant with the law

A complete set of solutions to keep your employees compliant with local and federally regulated protocols.

Standard operating procedure templates

A cannabis and hemp SOP is a documented set of instructions that outlines specific steps and procedures for various business activities, from cultivation and manufacturing to logistics and retail. SOPs help ensure consistency, quality, and compliance with regulations in the industry.

Document version control system

Version control for cannabis and hemp SOPs is the practice of tracking changes made to a document over time, including who made the changes and when. This ensures that the most current and accurate version of the SOP is being used, and helps with compliance and quality control.

Employee learning & record keeping

Employee learning and record-keeping are crucial in cannabis and hemp SOP software to ensure that employees are trained, certified, and regularly reviewed for compliance. The software tracks employee progress and records all completed training, simplifying the audit process and ensuring a consistently compliant workforce.

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