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A Roadmap for Onboarding and Training Your Team. Welcome to BuildMySOP, your one-stop-shop for Standard Operating Procedures for all facets of the Cannabis Industry. With customizable templates, BuildMySOP gives you the jumping-off point you need to introduce, train, and grow your employees in their job.

Standard Operating Procedures are key in protecting your business from the liability of employee error. In addition, it helps to ensure that compliant practices are being followed at all times, leaving you ready for random regulatory inspections.


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Our SOP's are broken into categories depending on your type of facility - Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transfer/Delivery.

Ensure your organization is not only prepared, but also saving time on training and managing your staff with BuildMySOP's customizable templates and features.

If you're interested in a free one-on-one introduction to the site, please sign up here; once you are signed up, you can schedule an overview (signing up is free and doesn't require any monetary commitment!)

Prices shown are per employee, per month


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Benefits of subscribing to BuildMySOP

The set of SOP's for the first facility of a particular type (i.e., Cannabis Manufacturing, Hemp Cultivation, Cannabis Retail) carries a one-time fee of $2499. Each additional facility of that type carries a one-time fee of $1499. Upon purchase, you will have 90 days of full access to edit and tailor each SOP online, in addition to saving or printing in PDF format. Additionally, the site has the ability to record signatures (stored digitally) of employees as they are trained on each individual procedure. Once your 90 days have expired, you have the option to continue using the full feature set by buying a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are based on the total number of employees across all your facilities, and are priced as follow.

Without a subscription, you will still have access to your SOPs, however you will no longer be able to edit them but only view or print them in PDF format. You will not be able to train employees and have them sign off on SOPs, either.



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