This is who we are!

After years of seeing mismanaged businesses and facilities, I started BuildMySOP.com because I saw the need for an easy way to manage standard operating procedures and employee training.

After helping numerous hemp and cannabis facilities train and manage their businesses, I decided to provide a solution so future businesses across the country would have access to this system.

Our mission is to help businesses streamline and document their processes and job roles effectively and manage their teams more efficiently. BuildMySOP helps ensure your facility is adhering to regulations while saving you valuable time and money training your employees in the future.


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Kady Cravens

Founder and CEO

Kady has worked in almost every position in this industry starting out as a janitor for a cultivation facility and quickly moved up to cultivation assistant, trimmer, harvest manager, packaging manager, and transfer coordinator before becoming the Operations/Compliance Director. She’s also worked as a budtender, front desk manager, and Operations/Compliance Director of a medical and retail store.

Her knowledge in compliance and day-to-day procedures has allowed her to become one of the top 4 Directors for Colorado Management Holdings which produces the national brand “Willie’s Reserve”. Kady also worked under the guidance of one of the top compliance officers in the cannabis industry for several years before deciding to start BuildMySOP.com, an easy-to-use software that makes handling employee training and standard operating procedures a breeze. Since starting BuildMySOP.com Kady has been able to help and assist many startups and existing companies with their compliance and operating procedures.

Kady Cravens
Tom Mohan

Tom Mohan

VP of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Tom Mohan has been in public safety (EMS and Law Enforcement) for over 30 years. Most recently Tom worked for the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) for seven years.

During this time, Tom has worked his way up to be the Supervisory Investigator out of the Longmont Office. Tom has conducted thousands of marijuana compliance inspections and audits. He was responsible for planning, developing, and implementing all inspections activities by MED Field Investigators.

Tom is well known for his ability to maintain collaborative working relationships with cannabis industry leaders and internal and external stakeholders in resolving regulatory and compliance issues.


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