Decreasing Liability for Your Cannabis Business with Standard Operating Procedures 

Version: 1 Released: 2021-11-18 03:41 PM

Decreasing your business`s liability starts with incorporating standard operating procedures into your business as soon as possible. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the manuals on how to run your business, train your employees, produce high-quality products, and yield the highest profits. SOPs give your business the jumping-off point to introduce and train your employees in all aspects of your business! 

Keeping track of employee training can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you have multiple facilities you’re operating. BuildMySOP gives you the ability to keep track of employee training and in-house procedures all in one place! Our employee sign-off feature also gives you the ability to reference back to past trainings and write-ups in case you ever have a regulatory issue. Sometimes, these employee sign-offs are the only way to show your employee is at fault, keeping your business from a hefty regulatory fine. 

Having Standard Operating Procedures for your business not only helps decrease your liability in the off chance your employee is found not following policy, but they can also help your business get lower insurance and interest rates on loans from a bank and/or credit unions. 

Here are some other benefits of having SOPs in place: 

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