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Site Capabilities and Features is a website designed to help your business manage its Standard Operating Procedures. Currently, we are focused on the Cannabis industry, and to that end we have Standard Operating Procedures for 4 types of Cannabis facilities:

  • Retail - Dispensaries, medical facilities
  • Cultivation - Grow operations
  • Manufacturing - Products created from Cannabis, including extractions, edibles, and fibers
  • Transportation / Delivery - The distribution of products from manufacturing or cultivation facilities to retail stores or end users has also recently added SOPs specific to the Hemp industry. We have SOPs for 5 types of Hemp facilities:

  • Retail - Dispensaries, medical facilities
  • Indoor Cultivation - Indoor grow operations
  • Outdoor Cultivation - Outdoor grow operations
  • Manufacturing - Products created from Hemp, including extractions, edibles, and fibers
  • Transportation / Delivery - The distribution of products from manufacturing or cultivation facilities to retail stores or end users

A set of Standard Operating Procedures (from here on, referred to as SOPs) exists for each of these facility types, and are broken down into additional categories - for example, Cannabis Retail facilities have SOPs of the following categories:

  • Facility Management
  • Opening and Closing Managers
  • Front Desk Attendants
  • Bud Tenders
  • Logs and Forms

When a new facility is purchased, you, as a customer, will have access to all of the SOP templates created for your facility type. You will also have the ability to modify and customize them to suit the needs of your particular business. You will also have the ability to maintain a list of employees for the facility, and track which employees have been trained on which SOPs. Functionality exists to allow both a Trainer and an Employee to digitally sign off on each SOP, and the signature is maintained on the website for the duration of your subscription.

Signing Up

Once you`re ready to start using the site for your first facility, the first step is to sign up using the `Sign Up` link at the top of the page. This page will ask for some basic information, and you will receive an email with a confirmation link to complete the sign-up process. Once signed in, additional options will be available on the Help menu that will guide you through the functionality available to a customer.

Pricing Structure

Standard Templates

If you are okay with using the standard templates that we provide for a particular facility type, the cost for your first facility, of a particular type, is $5000. Subsequent facilities of that same type are $1500. For example, if you purchase a Retail facility, a Manufacturing facility, and a second Retail facility, your respective costs would be $5000, $5000, and $1500.

Customized Templates

If you would like us to create custom templates for your facilities, the cost of your first facility of a particular type is each facility is $20000. If you have already purchased one or more facilities of the same type, the cost would be $5000 for each subsequent facility of the same type.

Upon purchase of a facility, you will automatically get 30 days of site subscription, for 10 employees. If you already have an active subscription, and purchase an additional facility, you will get an additional 30 days of subscription time (added on to your current subscription expiration date), and an additional 10 employee licenses for the duration of that subscription.

An active subscription provides the following functionality:

  • Allow editing/customization of SOPs
  • Allow you to add your own SOPs
  • Allow employees to be trained and digitally sign the SOPs
  • Access to SOP updates or new SOPs released by the site for your facility.
  • Allow adding, updating, and de-activation of Employees
  • Provide employees with access to the site, so they can log in, review, and sign off on required training SOPs.
  • Create employee write-ups or commendations

Without a subscription, you will only have the ability to view your existing SOPs, either in web format or in PDF, but will not be able to edit or train employees and have them sign the SOPs.

Subscriptions are based on the total number of employees across all of your facilities. The subscription pricing is as follows:

  1. 1 - 50 employees: $12 / employee / month
  2. 51 - 150 employees: $10 / employee / month
  3. 151 or more employees: $8 / employee / month

You are required to have at least 3 employee licenses per paid facility, and one employee license per Employee configured in each facility (if you happen to have the same employee working in 2 facilities, that would require 2 licenses).

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