Is your cannabis dispensary ready to use state-mandated software?

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Let’s face it. Staying organized is a challenge for every business, but it is crucial for the cannabis industry. Regulations on products and dispensaries are tricky and they vary from state to state where many use different seed-to-sale software. 

Many states have already adopted seed-to-sale software like Metrc and Biotrack, to make sure seeds, immature plants, flowers, and products are tracked every step of the way. In order to stay within compliance, data needs to be collected on cultivation and harvest identifiers, testing, packaging, weight, modes of transportation, and the sale of products. Every product must be tracked to ensure quality and safety standards, and failure to comply with these standards can lead to significant fines, legal ramifications, and temporary or permanent closure. 

Both Metrc and Biotrack, as well as state-compliant software, have allowed states to move away from physical seed-to-sale reports so that everything is managed in an online database that is easy to use and manage. For those that have long used paper records for tracking, this change can seem like an impossible transition to accomplish, and for some states has been anything but a smooth transition. But, using state-mandated software doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it all starts with making sure your manufacturing company or dispensary is using Standard Operating Procedures designed with seed-to-sale procedures already in place. That’s where BuildMySOP comes in. All of the tools you need are in one place to make your SOPs work for you.

Get Organized

Our SOP templates are written from seed-to-sale practices, so your company can stay on track every step of the way, while also making it easier to use state-mandated software like Metrc and Biotrack. Whether you are a new, budding company or an existing dispensary, we can help you outline and streamline your organizational processes. House all of your logs, forms, current and/or inactive employee lists, and SOP sign-offs in one, convenient place. Admins can identify exactly where products are with just a few clicks and making entering information into your state`s software a breeze!


The days of dull hard copies are over (although you can download your documents as PDF`s if you’re into that). With a BuildMySOP account, you will have the power to customize your procedures to maximize safety and efficiency while staying in compliance with your state`s software! Our templates can be filtered by facility type: we support cultivation, manufacturing, transportation/distribution, and retail facilities for both cannabis and hemp! 

Make sure your business is ready for the switch to online state-mandated software like Metrc and Biotrack, contact us today for a free consultation and demo our software and get in compliance today! Visit to learn more.

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